Yamaha's stage keyboard heritage goes back more than half a century, and in the 1970s their CP-series electro … CP OS v1.4 enhances the Yamaha CP73 and CP88 with new sound options for producers and performers. The CP88 I have for review is the new flagship digital piano from Yamaha, retailing at $4195 rrp, with improved sounds and connection capabilities from its predecessor. New Sub Sounds add cool pads … Actually, it makes 2015’s CP4 … Yamaha look to reclaim their stage keyboard crown with two world-class live instruments. Yamaha CP Stage Pianos Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP73 and CP88 stage pianos boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, … The new pianos are unique and distinctly different than all the others.