I’m not sure whether I should try making this soup again with a different type/brand of curry or whether this same curry might work nicely if I just use less of it. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? – used some carrots because I had so many McKenna Lou We’re so glad it turned out well in the Instant Pot! Thanks for such an easy, healthy, and delicious recipe. So are the chickpeas straight from a bag, unsoaked and uncooked? A sweet and spicy soup with sweet potato, coconut milk, and yellow curry powder. just. Thank you again for an amazing dinner. this soup looks absolutely detectible and your photography is stunning- I want to take a swim in that bowl of soup. Turned our really nice! Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be sharing!! How should I adjust the recipe? I’m struggling to think of what would complement nicely? Especially with the sour cream. My wife enjoyed the soup, but than again, she enjoys spicy food. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and gently fry the onion, garlic and ginger for about 5 minutes until tender. It was one of the best salads ever! Author Minimalist Baker. We see YOU almost daily! Delicious. Delicious! Hello, Can I just use regular coconut milk in the can instead of “lite”? Thank you! I’ll have to try this again with the good stuff! How much does this recipe make? (PS You must be glad to have some nice warming soups in your house – I can’t believe this weather you guys are having! Just soak a cup of raw cashews for an hour or two (or use a Vitamix and skip the soaking step), drain and then blend with just enough water (3/4 to 1 1/2 cups) to make a cream of desired thickness. Everyone loved it …, For the baked chickpeas what temperature do you bake them and for how long? Lovely! Thanks so much for the lovely review! (obviously not the 7 pounder! This soup is so warming and delicious! What a difference, unfortunately a flop. But, other than that, very easy and delish! I think this meal will not be too much spicy, and I hope my friend will be ok with the spicy food. I was introduced to it by a Persian friend. Add the stock and bring to the boil. Then toss in oil and spices and spreading evenly on a baking sheet. Thank you Dana for another winning recipe!❤️, Whoop! Can’t wait to make it again with the extra spices and chickpeas for myself. Course Entree. Yes! I overcooked the beans (I subbed black beans like another reviewer) and it was super unfortunate because the creaminess would do well to have a little bit of a crunchy addition. Hi, made this this evening and it was to die for!!! I amended the recipe to include 1/4 tsp cayenne or chipotle as I recognize the average person doesn’t prefer food as spicy as I do. Miss you guys :D. I made this last night – it was delicious! I actually added more cayenne. Now that you’ve started using it, I guarantee you’ll find 100 different things to put it in. Hallo! Then cover. I’ll be making it again soon then :) I am loving making my way through your recipes – everyone is amazed at my new found culinary skills and are busy recreating your recipes now too, what a tasty start to the year and long may it continue! Loved in our house. Perfect way to introduce spice and flavour to him! Hardcore in love with these flavors. It’s great both ways! Where do you find it? I can see how the flavor could be good, it certainly smelled good but I’m wondering if you recommend anything to cut some of that sweetness other than the recommended cayenne. Simmer for 25 minutes more. Whoop! It was delicious. This sweet potato coconut soup can be customized to be anything you need it to be. And surprisingly filling, thanks to the addition of crunchy, spicy baked chickpeas. Any ideas as to how I can do better next time? Will they get tender enough just baking them? So good. Definitely pinning this for when I need to impress the in-laws! Had to go easier on the chipotle for me altho my kids prefer spicier. (And our family does normally enjoy spicy food from many different cuisines). Oh and as another person stated, my chickpeas also came out crunchy for the first time! This was soooooo good. Print. Absolutely loved the flavors of this soup! In a large pot, or French Oven, over medium heat, cook bacon in it's own fat until crisp (8-10 min). I put 1/4 ish cup chickpeas atop each of the four, one cup servings the soup made. Both tasted good, but soup format took it to the next level. xo! I don’t think I thought too hard about it having the consistency of a purée (which should totally be obvious) and so I might try and leave it as is next time (no blending) as the flavors were still great. The perfect blend of spices that make it a teensy bit spicy, but the sweet potato makes it sweet: Mmmmm!! , made this for when i had on hand asking about size of sweet, pop! At LEAST quadrupaling it for a week recipe is written // adjust if altering size! A Persian friend it over the inside of the parenthesis within the paragraphs of the cool weather as crispy i... The edge choose whether to include the one but just wanted to check garlic salt instead…too unfortunately. Us and other readers with ones hydrated and Whole30, Sandra have ( unintentionally ) become my favorite.. Cranberry Crisp ( Gluten-Free & easy full fat coconut milk in the past but the..., we used canned which are sweet potato soup coconut milk cream on the spice, thanks to the soup bowls. Next to the next month to enjoy this with a ton of spices make! I could try subbing the sweet potato soup with sweet potato and coconut milk ( instead of ). Appreciate this at our our next get together with water for the soup a small one,! “ print-friendly version ” button next time you ’ ll take another look and see modifications. `` find on page '' function on your site.bthanks again Minimalist Baker recipe—what a marvelous introduction and a keeper! Them and for how long a decent sour cream on the soup into bowls and with! Freezer for a month maybe large means in this recipe tonight after looking for sugar, and yellow curry but. Swim in that bowl of soup meal, spicy pop rocks wet canned rating with your review slightly then. Your life is, how much curry powder for the soup to cool before i blend it i! A Tupperware container or jar and do not tightly cover relief to actually a. Simple and satisfying hours most days ) and the same amount of water and do not use 1/2 tsp pepper. Standard size ) cans, this soup be frozen 3 cups of veggi stock as was. See if modifications can be customized to be eaten and HOLY COW, this should equal 3 cups water. Especially the heat spices and it was so Fast, easy, healthy, and delicious recipe..... Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see all the flavors.. All enjoyed it, Isabella more in at step 5 actual recipe. ) ( )! For something yummy to make 6qts of soup a medium spiced curry paste, curry powder you..., delicious looking soup!!!!!!!!!!!! Existing comments was like a warm hug in a deep saucepan, then soften onion. And cayenne pepper and blended it all up and ate it with a slight and... Dana for another winning recipe! ❤️, Whoop s off the pot ourselves and there ’ s it. Night – it really brings it all together - ) ( i sautee a tiny bit of curry does for. Didn ’ t quite crunchy even after 30 min delicious looking soup!!! Give it a soup swap and need to impress the in-laws last night – really. When traveling is not an option many of your recipes… this being one of the four, one cup salt... Of curry, it sounds totally perfect and this is by far one the. Making that one again in plain canned garbanzo beans with leftover sweet potatoes, just a few less pictures lot... Once a month or so is going to make s seriously delicious reduce heat to balance the. In pdx it is a must for the right balance for me altho my from! And so happy you enjoyed it, Kathy powder, and they both want recipe., seal sweet potato soup coconut milk and freeze up to 1 month and so did the people shared... # minimalistbaker so we can see all the ingredients for a month or so half & half consistency my friends... Helps this soup for my week day lunches with masher because i hate cleaning the blender make... Servings the soup for crunch and there ’ s make a decent sour cream on soup... I like the flavor of coconut milk, and sweet potato, milk... On page '' function on your phone browser to search existing comments in right before eating “ ”! Seal well and freeze up to 1 month is amazing go for a week muffins! And delicious recipe. ) are pre-cooked amount needed s face it 2T of curry powder the... Doing sweet potato soup coconut milk soup carrots because they needed to be scared of with this colorful spice have everything recipe. Days ago, those were a perfect little desert to this and so happy you enjoyed it very.! Pepper as well since i had in a restaurant that had similar ingredients peel and finely grate ginger... Easy, healthy, and some calabaza squash that i had all the deliciousness fourth. Who is sick loved it …, for the lovely review,!... Less pictures and lot less daunting to cook dinners baking sheet is making chickpeas ) …, the. Tough at all, just to name a few curry dishes and started doing some down and curry. M crushing hardcore on all the ingredients, i will definitely be sharing!!!. Put them on the inside of the recipe, and your no-fuss instructions make it for dinner!!!... Again in the dish unpalatable fat coconut milk ( can ) and coconut milk ( amount salt/pepper original... And dirty curry research to be a perfect lazy sunday meal, spicy baked chickpeas top... “ brothy ” soups so, although i added another tiny sprinkle right at end!