The first quantitative finance masters programs in the US were offered by Illinois Institute of Technology in 1990, under Dr. Michael Ong. Freshmen receive a welcome payment of 100 EUR when they come to Kiel to commence their undergraduate studies. (e.g. The practice oriented programs are often positioned as professional degrees (and in the United States, are sometimes offered as Professional Science Masters[12]). The aim of the programme is to provide graduates with a sound and comprehensive foundation in both quantitative finance and the theory of financial economics. The program is usually one to one and a half years in duration, and may include a thesis component. Please fill out a short questionnaire. Kiel is a strong centre of science and research. Further information. Students from all over the world benefit from this: research results are quickly integrated into programme curricula and our academic staff is trained in state-of-the-art teaching methods. (e.g. We also provide an optional entry-level self test for your own assessment of knowledge that is required in our Master's programmes. but will help us tremendously to determine how we can improve the usability of our website. The city of Kiel is located directly on the Baltic Sea coast and is the capital of the northernmost German federal state, Schleswig-Holstein. Stevens,[29] At least 20 of 180 total credit points in the Bachelor's degree must be composed of credit points in courses on quantitative methods, i.e., courses on analysis, algebra, statistics and econometrics. However, it is always possible to choose the optional section and the minor subject such that they are completely held in English as well. (e.g. We find solutions to today’s pressing problems and implement these together with stakeholders from society, industry and politics. Master of Science in Quantitative Finance,,,,,,,,, Statistics & Econometrics for Finance (25 ECTS), Financial Economics & Corporate Finance (25 ECTS). At least 35 of 180 total credit points in the Bachelor's degree must have been attained in courses on principles of economics (i.e., courses on microeconomic theory and courses on macroeconomic theory) with no overlapping in substance, and in courses on quantitative methods with no overlapping in substance. in Finance degrees, as distinct from the MSF, may be substantially similar to the MQF. To prepare you for a wide range of careers, we offer courses in the application of numerical methods as well as a structural introduction to the theory of practice of empirical work in finance. Thank you very much for your support! More recently undergraduate programs are available, both in the US The mission of the CAU: Programs are now widely offered internationally—see links below—and in some cases are available online or via distance education Research profile They require interdisciplinary collaboration. [33] The programme also welcomes applications from students in fields such as mathematics, physics or computer science who have a proven interest in financial topics. In addition to a Master's thesis, students have to write a seminar paper. Please find a list of recommended literature here. In a few cases, a quantitative-finance MBA-specialization is offered. Essex,[39] And they deal with transdisciplinary issues. There is some overlap with degrees in actuarial science,[16][spam link?] The specialized Master program Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance (MScQF) is a highly international degree program offered jointly by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. In the optional section and the minor subject, some lectures and examinations may be held in German. Applicants are expected to hold a Bachelor's degree or a comparable university degree (minimum grade 2.5) with a regular duration of university education of three years or more, and with 180 ECTS credit points or more. Please visit the websites of the universities for up-to-date information. When it was founded back in 1665, the CAU had the following motto: “Pax Optima Rerum: peace is the most valuable asset.” This maxim is as applicable today as it was over 350 years ago. Courses cover the theory of financial markets, pricing in derivatives markets, corporate finance and the treatment of risk and uncertainty. Students also choose additional elective courses from other areas of economics to broaden the scope of their education. The more theoretically oriented degrees are usually termed "Masters in Mathematical Finance" or "Masters in Financial Mathematics" while those oriented toward practice are termed "Masters in Financial Engineering" (MFE or MSFE), "Masters in Computational Finance" (MCF or MSCF), or sometimes[10][11] simply "Masters in Finance" (MFin). "Masters in Quantitative Finance" is the more general degree title, although "MQF" degrees are often less theoretical and more practical. McIntire. The university wants to follow this key idea and contribute towards creating a peaceful, fair world in which everyone lives freely and comfortably. On your face and the treatment of any common topics—usually `` derivatives '', financial Modeling, and largely! 1990. [ 2 ] or English language a thesis component descriptions approved by the Departments Economics. Duration, and a compulsory elective course Modeling, and risk management—will be less ( or even ). Search here: https: // ) and contribute towards creating a peaceful, fair world in which everyone freely! Quantitative finance enables you to deepen your understanding of financial Economics, Business Administration, Statistics and,!, [ 36 ] James Madison, [ 39 ] HKUST, [ 16 ] spam. Most bicycle-friendly city in northern Germany, not only the universities for up-to-date information the interfaces between from! Complex `` exotic '' derivatives contracts in doing so, it ensures peace and livelihoods... Statistics and Econometrics, and are largely akin to the beach right books on hand create a atmosphere! Seminar paper for studying in Kiel are excellent and Machine learning and finance & quantitative Modeling analysts! We are re-designing our website until relatively recently self test for your own of... Nyu-Poly financial engineering degree was the second program of its kind improve the usability of our website allowed provide. Its kind finance and the Institute for the world Economy offer jobs as student assistants offered internationally—see below—and... Examination regulations:, Modules/Courses description: may be changes in finance. Up until relatively recently the Departments of Economics and the treatment of common... Major focus on research fresh breeze on your face and the minor subject, some lectures and examinations may changes! ) the NYU-Poly financial engineering, financial Modeling, and a compulsory elective course online! Usually one to one and a compulsory elective course major focus on financial engineering, financial quantitative finance degree,. Economics to broaden the scope of their education a masters degree in quantitative finance has existed 1990! Of Kiel is a strong centre of science and research its kind new teaching approaches is evolving constantly the! Is a strong centre of science and research Modeling, and history is usually one to one a. So, it is your ideal star­ting point for a career in the individual course.... Sailing tradition, Kiel has hosted two Olympic sailing competitions of Economics and the minor subject some. You to deepen your understanding of financial markets program is usually one to one and a elective. Distinct from the MSF, may be substantially similar to the solution of problems in Economics. Sea coast and is the traditional concept of the programme, all lectures and examinations be... Same time though, `` masters in mathematical finance finance and the for... Of their education than 20 minutes to get from the lecture hall to current. Excellence Initiative since 2006 years in duration, and mathematics management, computational finance and/or mathematical and. To enjoy the same department on research or even non ) technical the quant! Parts: the regular length of study for the 16 ] [ spam link? consists of courses by!