2013 ISBN 978-3-527-40966-2 Russenschuck, S. Field Computation for Accelerator Magnets Analytical and Numerical Methodsfor Electromagnetic Design and Optimization 2010 ISBN 978-3-527-40769-9 Stock, R. Elementary Particle Physics Volume2: Standard Model and Experiments Approx. Encyclopedia of Applied High Energy and Particle Physics 2009 ISBN 978-3-527-40691-3 Griffiths, D. … Griffiths-Complete Solutions Manual Introduction To Elementary Particles.pdf The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics (Gottfried and Weisskopf, 1984) was developed throughout the 20th century, although the current formulation was essentially finalized in the mid-1970s following the experimental confirmation of the existence of quarks (Bloom et al., 1969; Breidenbach et al., 1969). (ed.)