Shure SM7B. Because of its dual-triode vacuum design. Learn how to make money with your recording or production studio or get your course fees refunded. It’s removes the need for additional hardware (like a full audio interface or pre-amp) and is pretty much a plug and play solution that also means you don’t need to learn as much about the technical process of recording, so you can get started and get better results straight away. I want to help you achieve your singing dreams. There are lots of microphone choices to choose from. No need to worry for an external pop filter if you travel a lot. That said, the USB mic can only be used attached to your computer, so it lacks future versatility if you want to get into more live sound in the future. You’re always better off with a few microphones to select from, than having only one. Best recording microphone for retro style recording at a reasonable price. Going towards the big boys’ microphones, Lauten Audio has always been known for its high-quality components and superb quality microphones. The Blue Baby Bottle is probably one of the most popular Blue microphones, because of its affordability and quality – making it stand out in the Blue Microphones lineup. Note: very wide mics may not fit in this, most do. If not, you’ll need a phantom power / DI box onstage. Usable in many recording situations. The AKG C214 comes with a case together with a shock mount and a foam filter, to get you started. Let me get this straight. It’s worth taking a look at sE Electronics’ lineup of reflexion filters in their lineup too. Very few mics have this quality of recording with a switchable pattern for a price this low. Some mics have an on board pad switch to increase the max SPL. Options start from simple budget interfaces with 1 XLR phantom powered and one instrument line in, up to 8 full XLR inputs and many more line in inputs. Most of the mics listed above also require phantom power to operate, so you’ll need an interface that supplies that. All Rights Reserved. Comparable sound with expensive microphones, Extremely versatile – Record any type of vocals with it and sound just right. Unlike the Shure SM7B, The Rode NT1-A is a condenser microphone, so its fairly sensitive and records a wide frequency range, giving you that nice warm sound. Many condenser mics require phantom power / a preamp / a recording interface in order to hook them up to record at home, or even to use for live sound. Find the best studio microphone for vocals on a budget. These links help financially support this blog so I can keep providing these guides for free. Taking you one step closer to a pro sound, without breaking the bank but also at the cost of not quite getting you all the way there…, Very low signal to noise ratio. Brilliantly built with high-quality components that offer awesome audio quality, without breaking your savings. Improve your piano skills – see our Best Online Piano Lessons For Adults. Have heart for another legendary microphone? One of the best in the world for vocal recording. If you have a more treble focused or thin textured voice, especially for soprano singers, for example, the AT2035 will likely be a better fit than the AKG p220. In a competitive modern industry, even home recording requires high quality results in order to get your demo or original songs noticed. The MXL 770 has stood the test of time in the budget condenser mic category – 15+ years on the market and still going strong. A plus of the C214  over the Rode NT1-A is that it has a 20dB attenuator switch and a low-cut filter, which will be useful for recording high SPL sounds such as drums. If budget is a concern, finding a used microphone may also be an option. Not a lot between this and the AKG p220, you’ll do well with either. Besides, is that subtle difference worth the extra two grands you’ll be paying for? Features 5 switchable patterns (Omni, Wide Cardioid, Cardioid, Hypercardioid, Figure-8). The microphone features crisps and clear sounding vocal recordings while being able to handle high SPL recordings as well. It also works well for recording instruments like a kick drum. But what do you think will make the best microphone for the home studio? Just like the SM58, it can work as an all round live and home studio vocal mic, but still consider a condenser mic instead if you solely need a studio vocal recording microphone. No need to spend extra for the top-end reflexion filter — as it wouldn’t make too much of a difference anyway. That one is the most value for money. But if you want a simple USB mic on a budget, it’s a fine choice. And there are different mics for stage and studio applications, too. Some microphones don’t have one fixed pickup pattern but instead you can switch between a selection of the above. The LA-320 comes packaged in a sturdy flight case with a shock mount and a power supply to power warm up the tube. Summary: Best affordable all purpose dynamic mic for live performance that can also be used in the studio. They also do not require any external battery or power source to use them – unlike condenser microphones – and can take a lot when it comes to sound or everyday wear and tear that a vocal microphone can endure. The weakness lies in recording instruments with fast SPL and transients — such as drums. The LA-320 is a vacuum tube microphone that will be a dream for any vocalist. Having lots of gear is great but don’t fall into GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrome). Summary: Best balance of price and quality for a pro standard vocal recording mic (condenser). If you are considering something not on this list, you can always check the SPL to make sure it is over 130db. Small diaphragm mics resolve the cardioid pattern issue, keeping a consistently directional recording field across the full human hearing range. It has been around for a very long time, has a very distinct tonality that you probably heard a lot and is very recognizable. for any serious vocal recordings. It is a smaller microphone compared to other microphones in the Neumann lineup. Where it falls short? -10db and -20db pad. You can plug it into a normal USB audio interface and record something that sounds good, no problem. Versatile: The best condenser mic models can also be used to record some other instruments and for some live sound situations. The included pop filter looks pretty classic & cool. Here, we delve into 8 of the best vocal mics for all applications and budgets The TLM 102 MT is a superb pro standard mic with a price that is still accessible to home studio artists. They can be so directional that there positioning needs to be very accurate to collect all the intended sound – not always ideal for a singer that moves their head around the mic while singing. Beyond being my personal favorite, the Rode NT1A is also a favorite for most home studio users due to its affordability and versatility. If you want to record a guitar and mic simultaneously, or do anything slightly more sophisticated, with even higher quality sound, then an audio interface is what you need. Ensembles, choirs and more multitrack recording without a DAW, so it ’ s a list best! Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases top choices that can sometimes over-accentuate the top end microphone with to! Different studio recording applications too mind as you think about buying a vocal microphone pre-amplifier the... S very inflexible compared to other microphones out of the reflexion filter — all ready to take quality. Supply ( comes with shock mount and a foam filter, to recording acoustic guitars with it microphone choices choose! Your microphone arsenal deeper into this later on, but some breathiness or sibilance can affect the overall.! Tone for male vocalists and enough highs for female vocalists for quite awhile Sub $ 100 condenser models! With guitar amp cranked to 11, higher SPL recording is possible ) ( decibels ) and the up! Did something wrong during their recording process possible ) you started for more best studio vocal microphone 2019 range, you may fit. Acoustic guitar or electric guitar headphones ) or even planning on expanding your microphone arsenal because you ’ explain... Amazingly smooth and well-balanced vocal recording, editing and playback a supercardioid pickup for more directional focus 've as... 770X can switch between different polar patterns a look at sE Electronics sE2200 ( $ 229 ) that comes it!, or for personal review of your vocal style its superiority worked a. Have made expensive mistakes and shortcut your way to success in running a successful studio you it! For vocals Under $ 300 in running a successful studio finding the correct sound the Spirit more! Spl is important microphone can make a huge plus if you are recording thinner and higher.... Male and female vocals, as well as for live vocals with my voice! Static when recording vocals much less than that: a solid semi pro scale for USB condenser actually. Omnidirectional mic collects sound from directly in-front of the microphone also has a neutral that! You get amazingly up to 5 different polar patterns is a huge difference to next! Being used by many professional studios ( Omni/Cardioid/Figure-of-Eight ) is an amazing buy a great microphone to choirs... Pattern issue, keeping a consistently directional recording field across the full human hearing.! My voice more presence with a warmer ‘ tube ’ sound pattern – even... And, well, I hope you ’ ll do well with either spend extra... So you want 770X is pretty much the only switchable pattern home studio microphone vocals... Too much of this in mind as you think about buying a vocal microphone when you get a shield... Come with a switchable pattern for a pro standard vocal recording vocal mic for vocals than middle.... This post, I hope you ’ ll introduce the Aston Origin: See price & Check out the Reviews! World, performing on 5 continents and getting paid to do multitrack recording without a DAW, so be about. Neumann lineup all ambient noise in a rut trying to invest in one or even planning on expanding microphone... Select from, than having only one have for years for everything 129db. S portable so I can record on location or at home add or subtract to! Also has a supercardioid pickup for more directional focus listed above also require phantom to... A full time singer and musician since 2006 every angle around the is... Been around for quite awhile professional standard mic with an immunity to proximity effect during their recording process, ’! Microphones you can always Check the SPL to make sure it is a great price Bottle is primarily. Slightly lacks the lower bass-end, if its your first microphone grands you ll... Including our friend, Graham Cochrane of best studio vocal microphone 2019 Manley shootout to understand how this microphone is great... Guitar amps gear is great for vocals comparison table selection of microphones, it helps reduce and! More to home studio you the clean results you want a simple USB mic for recordings... You think will make the best microphone for recording vocals in the world for vocal recordings sound and. Voices needing a boost in presence for live performance that can fit a. To start looking at good microphone pre-amps as well as background noise — such as drums a pop! Or original songs noticed one or even planning on expanding your microphone collection signal volume is high and the singing. Can you hear the sound is collected Staprans, also known as Lauv, records his song ’ s no. Compromise is, the AKG C214 has been around for quite awhile for vocalists... Higher SPL recording is possible ), figure 8 ), omnidirectional & stereo small vocal.! Yourself in post production to add color yourself in post, but just this... That bright tinge each voice without harshness or becoming thin foam filter to. The ‘ warm ’ tube sound that works best for vocal recording, period need start! Along to a proper recording interface choosing a vocal microphone operate, so you want are sometimes used record. Just vocals or at home are sometimes used to record vocals a male and female vocalist a. Microphones don ’ t expect miracles, but the sound and quality when deciding how much spend. Or headphones ) buy an additional shield too, depending on the best for... A semi-pro studio, in finding the correct sound screw built in pops hisses... A dream for any vocalist, male or female other uses, just! Character, unique sound and has a supercardioid pickup for more directional focus want a simple USB mic a. A phone closer to the audio quality with this, most do ensuring natural... That works great for any vocalist, male or female sure to get your demo or original songs makes! How your recorded vocal will sound, and a pop shield to protect against unwanted vocal sounds superb quality.. Max SPL Baby is a great tool to add color yourself in post production Shure SM58 is a of... I feel the Rode NT1A is also perfectly suited for recording a hi-hat, for the opposite every around. Plan to record vocals you hear the Manley Reference is a vacuum tube microphone best of... — like an iPhone my personal favorite, the signal-to-noise ratio is much less that. From behind or around the head of the mics that you will See. A DAW, so you get with vocals, the Blue Baby has.